The 5 modules of the Back to Basics workshop ends burn-out, gets you inspired about your salon again, and builds YOUR vision. 

Most workshops, programs, courses, and coaches talk about the functionality of a business, so the components, your core roots, are never really developed. That’s why there are so many salons  struggling to survive. It’s these core components that feed your systems, grow your culture, and produce the fruits of your labor. 

Over 10 months we will build the core components that make your business unique. Create systems that make your salon function simply, consistently, and confidently, setting your salon up to thrive and grow.

Stop learning functions and start learning what connects “your people” to you!


When things aren’t going as planned, people are quick to revise their dream. Don’t revise the dream, revise the plan. You are the architect of your business, and the plan needs to be designed before you can build your house. We will:

  • Identify the changes you need to make
  • Simplify your unique value
  • Clarify your promise to your team and your customer
  • Define your culture
  • Niche down to simplify your business and life

Goal Setting

Dreams are an idealistic view of where you would like to be. Realistic, specific, measurable goals create the plan of how you will achieve your vision. To reach your goals you must work through the gap between conception and reality. We will:

  • Create your strategic plan
  • Set daily, weekly, and long term goals
  • Focus on execution and accountability


The road to burnout includes ineffective complex systems and strategies, or no systems at all. Consistency depends on simple, repetitious systems that create measurable results. Your message is delivered to grow your culture through the unique systems you create.  We will:

  • Understand market shifts
  • Price services according to your value
  • Create sustainable compensation
  • Build a remarkable service system
  • Target your perfect team
  • Simplify marketing to target your ITC


If you want profit, make it a priority. If you struggle with budgeting and profit, making decisions based on emotional needs rather than the needs of the business, your leadership will always suffer. Strong leaders make hard decisions, understanding we need to sacrifice for security. We will:

  • Create security for you and your team
  • Understand profit first budgeting
  • Increase service tickets
  • Increase referrals
  • Simplify your service menu
  • Create targeted services that appeal to your ITC


Just because your signatures on a paycheck doesn’t mean you’ve earned the right of respect. You will never get ahead unless your people are behind you, learn to lead. We will:

  • Develop an empathetic posture without sacrificing growth
  • Understand how to create roles
  • Learn to multiply
  • Earn respect
  • Navigate the future
  • Communicate in ways the resignation your values


Decide to commit
Join an intimate group of 7 salon owners who are moving in the same direction
Two 15-20 minute videos will be uploaded each week
Worksheets will be provided
Join a 60 minute weekly mastermind to discuss the lessons
Join an ongoing private group with 24/7 access for support from your team and myself
Additional one on one coaching will be available for an additional fee

Application is required


One time payment of $798

Or 10 monthly payments of $98