It’s about time you landed here. I’ve been waiting for you.

I have 3 goals:

  • grow confident leaders
  • keep it real with some humor
  • focus on what really matters

I’ve been called a boat rocker, or a “truth sayer”, if people are being nice. Basically I’m a straight shooter, who can help you create the components of your business that will attract your perfect people, and unique functional systems that keep things running smoothly and consistently. I’m an expert at building leaders, and I believe with all my soul that there’s a leader in everyone, it’s not a talent, it’s a learned behavior. I’m just your guide, you are the hero.

I built a successful salon in the capitol of chair rental, Los Angeles, growing 37% during the worst economy in 30 years. That was after I lost my home because the government reclassified my booth renters as employees. To save my salon I got serious, implementing systems and strategies that were not what everyone else was doing, but they worked to put butts back in our chairs, grow revenue to 1.5 million, a top 200 salon, and retail sales 38% of gross revenue.

Most people would look at the awards hanging on my walls, my business, my beautiful family, and think I had it going on. A few years ago I left, just walk away from everything I worked 30 years to build. Why? Burnout, no emotional return on a physical investment. I became a certified coach because I don’t want that for you.

I create affordable programs that work. When I owned my salon education cost me thousands of dollars that ate into my profit. My 31 years of salon business and technical training is carefully crafted into my online workshop that will: inspire you to create a business that will be rewarding, build your tribe, and create profit. The best part is every budget can afford it. My promise is, you will receive my support every step of the way.

Like I said, I’ve been waiting for you.