KIN Hair Cosmetics

Never heard of KIN? Maybe that’s a good thing because one of the biggest points of difference for my salon owner clients is they want to carry a hair care and color line that not only great for the hair but exclusive to them. I love their color line Kinnessence! It truly leaves the hair with beautifully rich color, cover grey, and because it’s loaded with essential oils hair has an amazing shine. KIN Hair Cosmetics is a 4th generation company located in Spain, AND they have an amazing incentive that if you purchase 9k a year you win a trip to Spain! Their trip looked so fun this year!!!! Gary Call and Patty Sheets are the KIN Coaches, and I have tremendous respect and trust in them. Click the KIN logo to email Patty directly. She will answer any questions you have, sending out a box filled with full size retail and color for free if you’d like to try KIN.

SalonBiz Software

I’ve worked with Neill Corporation since 2006. They host my most favorite inspirational Salon Conference of the year, Serious Business & SalonBiz PowerUp. Recently SalonBiz rolled out their new app, Pocket Salon . I have extensively reviewed the app and love it! It allows for less demand on front desk, better online booking, increased retail sales, and better communication systems. Edwin and Debra Neill , the leaders, of Neill Corp are Naked Leaders, and it’s evident by the loyalty of their staff, and long standing relationships within the Salon World. SalonBiz is a software built by salon owners for salon owners. For more info about their new app click SalonBiz logo below.


I had the pleasure of meeting Tom Kuhn in 2010 at an industry conference. We immediately connected because our companies shared a vision of unity. Over the next few years I took my team through the Qnity program, attending a few of Tom’s course myself. His 8 seasons to growth calendar and 9 grid worked to create visual focus and planning. Qnity is a salon industry consulting company, so why would I recommend another consultant? Because of our aligned values and shared purpose, unity. A Naked Leader knows where their strength lies, and when they need to use their resources to create abundance for the community “common-unity” as a whole. Tom’s education and tools successfully teach our industry’s creative minds how to think and act like professionals. When a salon owner has a clear vision and purpose, but needs to build professionalism within their team, I refer them to Qnity’s simple and visual tools for a stylists success. Clink the Qnity logo to find out more about Qnity’s coarse work offered to create a more business minded stylist.


I’ve gotten a reputation for preaching legal and ethical practices in salons. It only seemed appropriate to have a law firm as a preferred partner with The Naked Leader Coaching & Consulting. While Jonathan Judge is a newer acquaintance of mine, his knowledge of employment law is valuable when navigating the complexity of change taking place in the salon industry. Jonathan is passionate about helping employers create safe and ethical practices in their business. He has created a software that is specific to California’s “piece rate” law AB1513, and has been working with me to navigate through other changes that affect our industry. I have full confidence that Jonathan can assist your salon build a legal and ethical foundation that protects you and your employees. Click AALRR’s logo to contact Jonathan directly.


There are so many working parts to owning a salon/spa. The financial aspect of running a profitable business can be daunting for a salon owner: knowing all of the industries benchmarks, categorizing payments correctly on your P&L, making certain that you are doing everything possible to amp up your net profit. Building the financial health of your company is vital to your salon’s success, the security of your team, and your peace of mind. I have been very thoughtful about this portion of The Naked Leaders Preferred Partnerships. I am confident that referring my clients to World Class Financial Services is the right recommendation. I have had a 13 year friendship with WCFS’s Founder Jim Pacifico, and I have used their services in my own salon. Jessica Mapes, WCFS’s President, was my account manager in 2005 when I began using their services. With 75 years of experience in the salon/spa industry, WCFS knowledge is “WORLD CLASS”. We can spend time and money learning all of the in’s and out’s of those overwhelming financials, or we can hire people to do what they do best so we are free to do what we do best, grow our salon/spa. To contact Jessica directly please email her at or to find out more about WCFS please click their logo to go directly to their website.